Otodynamics announces a software update for Otoport and Otocheck

Otoport Service Pack 1

Otoport Service Pack 1 is an update for your Otoport or Otocheck which will add new features and fix issues. It ensures that you have the latest firmware for your Otoport and the latest Otolink PC software.

Otodynamics OtoportOtoport Service Pack 1 is free of charge and includes:

* A new version of Otolink to install on your PC

* New firmware for your Otoport or Otocheck

* Full update instructions and a Help menu

* Details of what the Service Pack contains for your Otoport or Otocheck

* New product manuals

The Service Pack update is simple to install.  Just visit the Otodynamics website to download or Contact your nearest AIM office for assistance.  AIM is a proud supplier of Otodynamics products.

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