Otovation Initiative for Remote Diagnostic Service

Otovation announces development of a Remote Service that will enable hearing health care professionals to perform remote hearing diagnostic and patient counseling across the Internet!

Otovation Announces Initiative for Remote Diagnostics and Patient Counseling

King of Prussia, PA — April 12, 2011 — Otovation today announced its RemotEAR initiative, an upcoming service that enables hearing care professionals to perform remote hearing diagnostics and patient counseling across the Internet. RemotEAR is scheduled to be launched this fall, and will be an affordable service that enables audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, occupational health testers, researchers and other hearing care professionals to administer a complete diagnostic exam and counseling session with a patient at a remote office location. The RemotEAR offering is based on a series of U.S. patents that Otovation licensed from East Carolina University (ECU), that were developed beginning in the late 1990’s by Dr. Gregg Givens, Chair of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at ECU.


The RemotEAR technology enables the hearing care professional to perform a patient exam and provide face-to-face counseling with the patient using videoconferencing and remote desktop technology. The diagnostic exam can consist of audiometry, tympanometry, video otoscopy, and otoacoustic emissions among other types of tests. Use of RemotEAR requires only a high-speed connection to the Internet, and can also be utilized in a local-area or wide-area network environment. The service enables the hearing care professional to control the diagnostic exam with the help of an assistant at the remote office where the patient is located, and provides a secure and robust set of features for managing the patient care process.

Otovation Remote Ear System




Dave Davis, CEO and founder of Otovation commented, “We’ve been working with ECU and Dr. Givens for some time now on the development of the RemotEAR technology model, and we are very pleased to be able to bring this new and innovative type of service to the hearing care market. More than ever, busy hearing care professionals are challenged to deliver high-quality diagnostic services in remote and difficult to reach geographic areas, and RemotEAR is a unique solution to help bridge these time and distance issues. Telemedicine has been in use for various medical specialties since the early 1990’s, and we think that a robust but affordable tele-audiology implementation like this is an idea whose time has come. We’re working hard to ensure that RemotEAR meets the clinical needs of hearing care professionals, and yet can be offered as a very affordable subscription-based service to enable everyone to make use of it. We always look for innovative ways to improve how and where hearing care can be delivered, and we believe that RemotEAR will provide new and exciting opportunities to extend the care delivery model and improve patient care.”


A beta program for RemotEAR will launch later this spring, and Otovation expects the service to go live by fall 2011. For more information on this innovative new service, please contact Dave Davis at Otovation. As always, visit Otovation’s website for information on our line of market-leading products (www.otovation.com).  In Canada, contact AIM Instrumentation for Sales Service!