I-Portal Neuro Otologic Test Center

I-Portal®-Neuro-Otologic Test Center

Note: Investigational use only. Neuro Kinetics, Inc. does not have FDA clearance for mTBI or concussion indications.



The I-Portal®-NOTC provides clinicians with a state-of-the-art, complete vestibular/neuro-otologic testing system solution that allows for greater confidence in diagnosis, the ability to test a broader range of patients, and fast return on investment.

System benefits: Modular and upgradable – True OPK with full field – True smooth pursuit – Torsional eye data – Utricle diagnosis in infants – Bariatric patients up to 400 lbs

System components: Rotary Chair (up to 3 axes) – Full field Optokinetic stimulus – Pursuit Tracker™ laser target generator –  Isolation enclosure with patient monitoring and communication – Digital eye tracking system

Standard single axis clinical testing system.

• 185 ft. lb. Rotary Chair Assembly • Light Tight Enclosure with Patient Monitoring • Dual Axis Pursuit Tracker Oculomotor Stimulus • Full Field Optokinetic Stimulus • I-Portal 100 Hz Binocular VOG Goggle • High speed operating computers with fl at panel LCDs

NOTC Professional

NOTC Standard plus Dynamic Unilateral Centrifugation and Subjective Visual Vertical and Horizontal tests.

• Dynamic Unilateral Centrifugation separately tests left vs. right otolith function at level of vestibular cortex and otolith-ocular response. • Dynamic axis elimates manual setup and

maximizes patient comfort. • Subjective Visual Vertical and Horizontal provide interactive and easy evaluation of utricle function.

NOTC Clinical

NOTC Professional with 365 ft. lb. motor upgrade. • Accurately test 400 lb. patients up to 2.5 Hz. • Allows for addition of Off Vertical Axis Rotation (OVAR), and Parent/Child, (additions not included).


Parent / Child System

• Enables small infant testing on axis.

VNG Test Capability with Extended Goggle Cord

• Complete positional and positioning tests in the same room.

Caloric Irrigator

Air or water with computer controlled temperature, fl ow rate, and timing.

Eye Tracking

• Binocular/monocular goggles and EOG available.

Head Thrust Test

Unpredictable stimulus for higher test accuracy.

• Evaluation of right and left VOR function.

Pulse-Step-Sign Test (patent pending)

• Assess individual horizontal canal function in chair.

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