I-Portal VNG


The Neuro Kinetics I-Portal® VNG provides the quickest and most inexpensive way to add vestibular diagnostic capability to your clinic. Using the same full field OKN and Pursuit Tracker® laser diode technology as our Neuro-Otologic Test Center, the I-Portal® VNG also features NKI’s patented, I-Portal® eye tracking goggles. The system is controlled by the VEST™ platform and provides real time binocular eye data and stimulus feedback.

No system offers a more extensive battery of tests in such a compact system.

• Push button interface designed for easy use by all clinicians.

• Unparalleled eye torsion data to document positioning test results.

• Captures saccades accurately at 100 frames per second.

• Full field optokinetics provide true OPK system test.

• Integrated I-Portal VOG fixation light makes caloric fixation simple and accurate.

• Protocols and tests easily customized to fit your clinical needs.

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