I-Portal VOG

I-Portal VOG
Patented digital eye tracking with real time analysis


The I-Portal® VOG is a fully digital, 100Hz, 3D eye tracking system. The patented, lightweight goggle set is included with both the I-Portal® NOTC and I-Portal® VNG systems. The system is also offered as a stand-alone product that includes the ability to complete all positional and positioning tests, Calorics and custom tests, with real time binocular eye data.

Key Features:

4 dimensional data collection (horizontal, vertical, torsional, and pupil area) • Built in pupilometer • Low weight (inertia) minimizes slippage artifacts • Captures saccades accurately at 100Hz • Interactive, graphical eye modeling • Excellent pupil tracking algorithms • Ultra lightweight and compact • Ergonomic design • Digital adjustment of interpupilary distance and vertical eye position • Real time video feed and data stream • Record and store data and video images for visual playback • Ultra lightweight, self-contained system • Access to real time data outside the lab/clinic • Standalone system available

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