NeuroKinetics VEST™ 6.10 NOW AVAILABLE


VEST™ 6.10 Includes New Test Enhancements for Higher Quality Patient Care

Our growing ranks of clinical users around the world know how indispensible Neuro Kinetics’ VEST™ software is to performing neuro-physiologic, neuro-otologic, vestibular and neurological testing through our diagnostic equipment.

So when we release an updated version of the control and analysis software, our users take notice.

Version 6.10 of our VEST software is now available for downloading by warranty and software-subscription customers. Need instructions? E-mail Rich Mosovsky at

The updated 6.10 adds new features, enhances existing ones and correct bugs.

This most significant upgrade is the enhancement of the Dynamic Unilateral Centrifugation with SVV test. It was modified so that the user can collect multiple (two to four) SVV data points during each eccentric position. This allows for separate calculations of mean and standard deviation for each right, center and left patient positions. The results have also been added to the analysis and report feature in VEST.

Version 6.10 also includes improved user interfaces, including:

* The optokinetic test analysis table is now sorted by OKN velocity for easier viewing.

* The analysis simulation (animated playback of eye movement) page has been reorganized and relabeled for easier use during data review.

In addition, 10 bugs have been fixed.

Some of those fixes include:

* The VNG eye video file saving error.

* The upbeat and downbeat nystagmus labeling in the Gaze Horizontal, Gaze Vertical and Spontaneous Nystagmus Tests.

* The SHA Test analysis was modified to delete full cycles instead of partial cycles.

Working with our strategic partners at Bloomsburg University and Gallaudet University, we put this latest version of VEST through the most rigorous and extensive testing of any software version we have ever introduced – part of our commitment to continuous quality improvement.

For more information about VEST or any other NKI product or service, please contact Neuro Kinetics at +1.412.963.6649 or via e-mail to

About Neuro Kinetics, Inc.

Neuro Kinetics, Inc. (NKI) is the world leader in eye-tracking technology and non-invasive neuro-otologic diagnostic testing. Central to its product mix and technological advances is the premise that the eye is the portal to the brain. Research has shown the detection of abnormal eye reflexes can indicate the presence of more than 200 diseases and medical conditions.

For more than 25 years, NKI has supplied multi-modal neuro-otologic diagnostic tools to audiologists, ENT’s, neuro-otologists, neuro-ophthalmologists and neurologists around the globe. The company’s patented products include the I-Portal® NOTC (Neuro-Otologic Test Center), I-Portal® VNG (Video Nystagmography) and I-Portal® VOG (Video Oculography), along with related accessories, software, training and support services.

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