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NKI’s 6.10 Version Has Some Hidden Talents

Since our update in May, VEST™ 6.10 has been in the hands of our maintenance and software subscription customers. With the help of Bloomsburg and Gallaudet Universities, we put VEST 6.10 through the most rigorous and extensive testing of any software version we have introduced – and it shows! The support calls for 6.10 have been lower than any previous release. As a result the feedback has been quite positive.

In addition, we built into 6.10 the functionality to add on new utilities. The first is called VEST™ ADATA (Advanced Data Management Utility).

The ADATA utility, now available for purchase, facilitates the statistical analysis of large volumes of patient data, and streamlines the analysis required for a paper or presentation.

VEST users could always download raw patient data into an Excel or ASCME file for further analysis. VEST ADATA enables the use of database queries to collect the test results from an entire patient population for a more sophisticated statistical analysis. Users can query the database to capture select groups or tests across all groups.

Such a utility is invaluable for a clinic collecting its own normative data or for a research study focusing on a given patient population, such as those diagnosed with BPPV or mTBI (concussion). A few of the benefits of VEST ADATA include:

Eliminates manual export and/or re-entry of test results

Sets up a database for efficient statistical analysis of large volumes of data

Streamlines the analysis required for a paper or presentation

Also, we have scheduled the next major software release: VEST 7.0. Vest 7.0 is scheduled to be complete by the end of the year. More details will be available later but an early look at some inclusions are a new report generator, enhanced video recording and migration to Windows® 7.

As you have come to expect, Neuro Kinetics continues to be The Innovator.

New software releases are available for purchase and include a one year subscription. Contract customers, of course, receive all new versions as soon as they are released in addition to unlimited technical phone, web enabled and email support.

We don’t think you will want to miss VEST 7.0; please contact us to learn more.

For more information about VEST or any other NKI product or service, please contact Neuro Kinetics at +1.412.963.6649 or via e-mail to

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