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Video Otoscope – The Delfino! Available for the first time in Canada through AIM Instrumentation! Wireless Video Otoscopy! Delfino is the evolution of the traditional otoscope: the small and ergonomic hand piece allows the operator to see, capture and store top-quality images of the ear canal. Inventis srl: Delfino is produced by Inventis srl,  an […]

Phonak was awarded a Red Dot Award for 2011 for its SoundField speaker the DigiMaster 5000. Murten, Switzerland, May, 2011 – The DigiMaster 5000 loudspeaker by Phonak, a key component of the company’s Dynamic SoundField classroom amplification system, has been awarded a Red Dot 2011 Product Design award. Dynamic SoundField Loudspeaker Wins Red Dot Product […]

AIM Instrumentation and Phonak team up to promote the latest in Dynamic SoundField Systems! AIM Instrumentation is pleased to announce a new line of Dynamic SoundField products – in our opinion the Best in the World – the new Phonak Dynamic SoundField Systems! Phonak Announces a New Era in Amplification! Dynamic SoundField by Phonak ushers in […]


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Noise Excluding Enclosures Unique noise-excluding enclosures for standard audiometer headphones. To utilize the full accuracy of an audiometer, threshold measurement must be made in quiet conditions.  When a booth is not available, or is impracticable, noise excluding earphone shells, which completely enclose the outer ear, are obviously desirable. These have not been available in the […]