Delfino Video Otoscope – NEW to CANADA!

Video Otoscope – The Delfino!

Available for the first time in Canada through AIM Instrumentation!

Video Otoscope
Wireless Delfino Video Otoscope!

Wireless Video Otoscopy!

Delfino is the evolution of the traditional otoscope: the small and ergonomic hand piece allows the operator to see, capture and store top-quality images of the ear canal.

Inventis srl:

Delfino is produced by Inventis srl,  an Italian company operating in the field of health care.

In the head offices in Padua, Inventis develops, manufactures and sells high-technology medical devices dedicated to the ENT and Audiology specialists.  Inventis was established in 2005 by a team of engineers with a strong experience in the development of devices and software for the medical doctors.

Inventis developed in few years a broad product line covering the fields of Audiology, Medical Video and Phoniatrics, used by a fast growing number of professionals worldwide.  All this with the maximum patient and operator comfort,  thanks to the wireless feature.

Phonak SoundField System Wins Award!

Phonak was awarded a Red Dot Award for 2011 for its SoundField speaker the DigiMaster 5000.

Murten, Switzerland, May, 2011 – The DigiMaster 5000 loudspeaker by Phonak, a key component of the company’s Dynamic SoundField classroom amplification system, has been awarded a Red Dot 2011 Product Design award.

Dynamic SoundField Loudspeaker Wins Red Dot Product Design Award

A Red Dot jury of 36 distinguished design experts examined 4,433 entries from more than 60 nations this year – from Algeria to the United States – with the DigiMaster 5000 now officially considered by Red Dot to be “among the best of the design industry worldwide”.

“’Soundfield’ classroom amplification systems are enjoying growing success with school directors, teachers and parents as they learn more about the speech intelligibility and student performance benefits this technology offers,” said Alexander Zschokke, acting CEO of Phonak. “This Red Dot award once again shows how Phonak not only leads in technology but also in design, making Dynamic SoundField a stylish and aesthetically pleasing addition to any classroom.”

The DigiMaster’s Red Dot award means both key components of the Dynamic SoundField classroom amplification system are now Red Dot recognized, after the system’s inspiro teacher transmitter was awarded a similar product design award following its launch in 2007.

The DigiMaster 5000 loudspeaker will now be featured at the Red Dot design museum, Germany and within the Red Dot Design Yearbook 2011/2012 (available in the coming months from

About Dynamic SoundField

Phonak’s Dynamic SoundField is the world’s first soundfield system to offer industry-leading sound quality, intelligent automated settings and a transmission mode to suit every student listener. Learn more at or Call AIM!  1-800-444-9386

Phonak Dynamic SoundField Systems – New to AIM!

AIM Instrumentation and Phonak team up to promote the latest in Dynamic SoundField Systems!

AIM Instrumentation is pleased to announce a new line of Dynamic SoundField products – in our opinion the Best in the World – the new Phonak Dynamic SoundField Systems!

Phonak Announces a New Era in Amplification!

Dynamic SoundField by Phonak ushers in a new era in classroom and facilities amplification, solving today’s soundfield issues by offering industry-leading sound performance, fully automated settings, and hassle-free integration with Phonak’s FM systems for hearing impaired individuals.

Just plug it in, turn on and speak!

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Noise Excluding Enclosures

Unique noise-excluding enclosures for standard audiometer headphones.

To utilize the full accuracy of an audiometer, threshold measurement must be made in quiet conditions.  When a booth is not available, or is impracticable, noise excluding earphone shells, which completely enclose the outer ear, are obviously desirable.

Sound limiting headphone enclosures
Audiocups limit ambient noise during testing

These have not been available in the past without the introduction of unwanted changes in calibration levels.

Available through AIM!

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