Manufacturing and Product Registration for Foreign Suppliers

AIM Companies Canada is actively seeking qualified medical device manufacturers who wish to market their products in Canada.

AIM Companies Canada is a group of three companies that specialize in the importation, distribution and manufacture of medical devices for the Canadian marketplace.  Strategically located west in British Columbia’s Greater Vancouver area and east in Ontario’s Greater Toronto area, the companies are placed serve customers across Canada.

Canadian Manufacturing and Distribution Services for Medical Devices:

Actively registered with Health Canada as a licensed Medical Devices Distributor and as a licensed Medical Devices Manufacturer, AIM is able to provide a comprehensive service to enable foreign manufacturers to achieve Canadian certification and distribution for their medical device products. With over 35 years of successful business operations, and carrying an ISO 13485 certification, AIM provides a solid foundation for manufacturers wishing to register and promote their products in Canada.

We are pleased to invite your company to contact us for further information about how AIM can help you to register and sell your medical devices in Canada.