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Fonix FP35 Hearing Aid Analyzer

Product Details

The FP 35 is an affordable and Portable Hearing aid analyzer and Real Ear Measurement System

The FONIX FP35 hearing aid analyzer will tell the hearing health professional just how well the hearing aid is functioning and will provide objective documentation to demonstrate if the aid is in need of repair or replacement. When the Real-ear option is ordered, the FP35 analyzer can also verify the hearing aid fitting using the NAL-NL1 DSL i/o, NAL-R, or one of the older fitting formulas. The FP35 analyzer comes standard with multi-curve coupler measurements and one of the following automated test sequences: ANSI 96/03, IEC, AND JIS. Choose the second and/or third test sequence for a modest additional charge.

FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Test System


Product details

The Frye Fonix 8000 Hearing Aid analyzer
The Fonix 8000 Hearing Aid Analyzer for advanced polar plot testing

The Fonix 8000 is a direct descendent of the FONIX 7000 Hearing Aid Test System, prized by hearing health professionals the world over for its dependability, accuracy, and advanced testing capability. The new FONIX 8000 advances the science of hearing aid testing even farther with the introduction of the optional 8120 Polar Plot Sound Chamber.

Polar Plot Testing

The FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Test System has a Polar Plot Option that includes a new test screen capable of performing polar plots of directional hearing aids and giving you a much better picture of the directional characteristics of these hearing aids. Although the results are not a replacement for laboratory testing using an anechoic chamber, the 8120 Polar Plot chamber provides the hearing health professional with a clinical tool for verifying approximate directionality characteristics of the hearing aid.


Fonix Software Programs:

FONIX Press & Go

FONIX Press & Go is our simplest program and uses standalone database and does not run within NOAH. Its features include a Test Wizard that uses customizable pictures and text to guide the user through the hearing aid test sequence. It also has an automatic feature available that runs through four preprogrammed measurement curves without user intervention between measurements.It’s suitable for a clinic that wants to perform coupler measurements to establish a baseline after the hearing aid has been programmed or to determine whether a hearing aid may be in need of repair.


The FONIX NOAH Hearing AidTest Module is used for performing real-ear and coupler multicurve measurements with your FONIX hearing aid analyzer instead of pushing buttons on the analyzer to start and stop measurements and to adjust test settings, most operations are performed from your computer. Test results are updated in real-time on the NOAH display.All data for both NOAH modules is saved into the NOAH database.


WinCHAP is a standalone database program with an extensive feature list. All kinds of information about the hearing aid and client can be entered, including warranty, repair, client services, and insurance data. Supported hearing aid tests include ANSI, IEC, JIS, Coupler Multicurve, and Real-ear measurements. These tests can be run from the computer or collected from the analyzer after the test has been completed.

The Complete Traditional Real Ear Measurment System


MedRx Real Ear Measurement and Advanced Speech Module
MedRx with Sure-Probe Microphone System for REM and Speech analysis

Features the Sure-Probe Microphone System Allowing For Monaural Or Simultaneous Binaral Measurements.

Our Sure-Probe™ Microphone System offers an adjustable loop and Sure Probe Microphone Systemprobe retention design which allows for easy placement in any ear. + Simultaneous FFT Dual Probe Measurement + Blue (L) and Red (R) Lighted Ear Indicators + Features DSL & NAL-NL1 Targets + Hearing Loss Simulator For 3rd Party Demonstrations + USB Powered + Ergonomic Design + NOAH™, Sycle.Net & TIMS® Compatible

Bundle the REM Speech+ with the A2D+ for the Complete Audiological Testing & Fitting System. Learn More About The Ultimate Office+.

AVANT™ Motorized Polar HIT+ Chamber

Product details

Hearing Aid Test chamber for polar plot analysis
MedRx HIT Chamber does Polar Plot analysis

Conducts A Battery Of Automated, Selectable ANSI & IEC Tests. This HIT Box Also Provides A Motor Driven Rotating Test Pad That Automatically Generates Directional Polar Plots For Fast, Accurate Testing. The AVANT Polar HIT+ Performs The Following Measurements: Directionality; OSPL 90; Full On Gain; Reference Test Gain; Frequency Response; Equivalent Input Noise; Harmonic Distortion; Battery Drain; Input – Output; Attack / Release; Induction Coil

Unique Rotating Test Pad For Generating Directional Polar Plots

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