Industrial Audiometers

Oscilla USB310/330 PC-based screening audiometer

Portable PC-based screening audiometers

The USB310 and USB330 are PC-based screening audiometers. They are compact size, easy to operate and suitable for a variety of screening environments.The audiometers are delivered with a handy carrying case, which means that they are easy to transport together with a laptop. The noise reducing headset also allows for screening tests in various locations, which makes these audiometers ideal for hearing professionals within, for example, school healthcare and occupational health, who need to conduct screenings in different environments.

Technical features 

11 frequencies: 125 – 8000Hz (selectable),  -10 dB to 110 dB in 5 dB steps, Left, right and binaural, Warble and pulse tone, MCL, UCL and threshold, Narrow band masking, Noah compatible.


 Oscilla AM920-P Screening audiometer with integrated printer

SM920P artikelf

The SM920-P is a screening audiometer with integrated printer for pure tone audiometry. The audiometer can be used for manual hearing screening tests but it also features an automatic test. The integrated printer allows for quick printouts of audiograms. The audiometer is operated via the front panel where the operator can present tones to the patient, adjust frequency and dB levels and print audiograms.

Technical features

11 frequencies: 125 – 8000Hz, -10 dB to 110 dB in 5 dB steps, Serial port for PC connection, Pulse and warble tone, Built-in printer, Noah compatible

Oscilla SM930 Screening memory audiometer

SM930 art

Screening audiometer with integrated memory

The SM930 is a screening audiometer with integrated memory for pure tone audiometry. The audiometer provides the operator with manual and automatic testing opportunities and has a storage capacity of up to 100 measurements. The audiometer user-friendly and easy to operate. The SM930 is operated via the front panel where can present tones to the patient, choose between manual and automatic tests and adjust frequency and dB level and control all other features of the audiometer. The SM930 also features a serial port for connection to an external printer.

PC-connection and Oscilla® AudioConsole

In addition to manual operation via the front panel of the SM930, the audiometer can also be connected to a PC and Oscilla® AudioConsole via USB. Among other features, AudioConsole provides the operator with unlimeted storage space in the patient database, easy export of measurements to patient journaling systems and the possibility to generate customised PDF reports.

Additionally, hearing professionals working within occupational healtcare can benefit from the Ear Protection Test, which is available in AudioConsole 4.0.0. The ear protection test enables the operator to conduct employee hearing screenings and validate the qualite of protective earplugs in one simple workflow.

Please note that AudioConsole does not come as a standard part of the SM930 package. AudioConsole can be purchased separately as an optional accessory for use with the SM930.

Technical features

11 frequencies: 125 – 8000 Hz (selectable), -10 dB to 110 dB in 5 dB, USB port for PC-connectivity, Built-in memory for 100 measurements, Noah compatible


New in Canada – MI-3000 Industrial Audiometer

Product Details

The MI-3000 Standard Version
The standard MI-3000 audiometer is an economical, manually operated audiometer that tests frequencies from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz, including standard inter-octave frequencies. It is small and light enough to be portable, yet large enough to provide easy access and operation of all audiometer controls.

MI-3000+ Industrial Audiometer

In addition to the standard features, the MI-3000 Plus offers flexible communication capabilities via the included Monitor Basics software. This software enables control of the audiometer by a Windows-based computer, allowing the operator to set up, start, and visually track the progress of automatic threshold or screening tests. Completed tests can be printed via the computer’s printer.Potential users include: Doctors offices, schools, small industries, hospitals, community health screening organizations

The Monitor MI3000 Industrial Audiometer
The MI 3000 Industrial Audiometer is an affordable and popular choice

MI-5000 Industrial Audiometer

Product Details

Monitor MI 5000 B Industrial Audiometer
The MI 5000 Industrial Audiometer is our most popular choice for Industrial application

The MI-5000B Series II Microprocessor Audiometer is one of the lowest-priced field serviceable microprocessor audiometers available today. It administers computerized tests securing valid, reliable data quickly and cost effectively. It is very easy to understand and use, and can be used either alone, or interfaced with an external printer or computer. Interface settings can be changed by the operator. Tones are generated and controlled entirely by digital circuits, allowing output levels of the MI-5000B to be adjusted by through secured keyboard entry. The LCD display simultaneously shows all thresholds established for both ears, as well as on-going test conditions.

MI-7000 Industrial Audiometer

Product Details

Programmable Industrial Audiometer
The MI 7000 Industrial Audiometer Meets the needs of a large scale Industrial Screening Program

The MI-7000 is a microprocessor-controlled screening audiometer designed specifically for use in industrial hearing conservation programs. Both flexible and easy to use, it can be programmed to meet the demands of very large-scale programs where extensive demographic data must be collected, stored, printed, and downloaded with threshold values to a computer database. Yet it can be quickly reprogrammed to allow the operator to press one button to start and print a completed test with no further data entry or control manipulations. Programmed options are battery-backed and remain in effect until changed by the operator. Tones are generated and controlled entirely by digital circuits, allowing the output levels of the MI-7000 to be adjusted through secured keyboard entry. The LCD display simultaneously shows all thresholds established for both ears as well as ongoing test conditions.

RA 300 & RA300+ Industrial Audiometer

Tremetrics RA 300 Industrial Audiometer
Tremetrics_RA300 Industrial Audiometer is a popular choice for Industrial Screening programs

Built to Tremetrics High Quality Standards
Features Include:

Meets ANSI/OSHA requirements;  Automatic daily biological check with OSCAR™ ;  RS232C computer/printer interface;  Internal talk-over microphone (RA 300+);  Flexible reporting formats;  Automatic power compatibility, worldwide;  “Multimedia” ready (RA 300+)

Automated testing at an affordable price

Smart Tone Audiomatic Industrial Audiometer

Smart Tone Industrial Audiometer with touch screen
Smart Tone Industrial Audiometer is our first Touch Screen Audiometer for Clinical and Industrial Application

Fast, flexible, and accurate;  Extremely easy to use;  and Efficient—takes all of the  “guess work” out of creating  a truly cost-effective hearing health program.  Used Best For:
• Pre-Employment Audiograms
• DOT Physicals
• Health Care Screenings
• Non-Clinical Primary Care

Products for decibels:

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