OAE Systems

Maico OAE Test Systems providing state-of-the-art technology; fast, reliable service; usability and customer support.

OAE testing plus tympanometry in the EroScan by Maico
EroScan Pro plus Tympanometry - One of the first units to combine tympanometry with OAE testing capabilities

ERO-SCAN  OAE Test System

Diagnostic OAE test system; Objective inner ear measurement; suitable for Adults, children and newborns; Complete diagnostic results in less than a minute; Color printing options

ERO-SCAN Pro OAE Test System

Easy to operate one button design; Sequenced protocols permit a full test battery; DP and/or TE OAE; Intuitive interface for fast, easy operation; Advanced diagnostic capabilities; Customizable settings and protocols; Print to thermal paper, PDF or PC printer

OAE Test System ERO-SCAN  Screener

Optimal solution for objective hearing tests for all ages; Frequency specific test of otoacoustic emissions with DPOAE or TEOAE; Easy to use with PASS / REFER and graphical test result display; Fast automatic test with accurate, reliable results; High noise immunity allows operation in normal clinical environment; External mini probe operates in addition to built-in probe; Excellent price / performance ratio




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Special Instruments for Hearing Testing

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