SoundField Systems

Dynamic SoundField Systems

For the best possible listening experience people must be able to hear the speaker’s voice clearly. Unfortunately this is not always possible. Factors such as external noise, distance between the speaker and the listener, and challenging room acoustics can make understanding the speaker difficult.

In noisy classes speakers may also have to raise their voice to be clearly heard.  This can lead to deterioration in vocal health. These reasons are why soundfield technology was born.

A soundfield system consists of a wireless microphone and one or more loudspeakers which amplify the speaker’s voice around the room. As a result, participants hear and understand the speaker’s words more easily.

Dynamic SoundField by Phonak

Dynamic SoundField by Phonak ushers in a new era in room amplification. This mobile and future-proof system offers industry-leading sound performance, fully automated and optimized settings. Just plug it in, turn on and present!

Soundfield Speaker by Phonak
Phonak Dynamic SoundField Speaker - winner of the Red Dot Award!
Phonak Inspro Transmitter
Inspiro is an award winning dynamic FM Transmitter
Dyna Microphone for Phonak Soundfield System
Use up to 10 Mics at at time in the Phonak Multi Talker Network!

Exclusive built-in FM compatibility

Dynamic SoundField’s inspiro transmitter can be used to broadcast in Dynamic SoundField mode, Dynamic FM mode (for hearing impaired listeners), or Phonak’s exclusive combined Dynamic SoundField & Dynamic FM mode. This 3-mode approach is exclusive to Dynamic SoundField.