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Australia / Canada Agreement: A new agreement has been reached between Canada and Australia for mutual acceptance of regulatory requirements. This may mean that products registered as Manufactured in Canada may also be registered in Australia. We will keep you updated as these details evolve.

AIM Manufactures Medical Devices in Canada for Foreign Corporations Background: Canadian Law requires a company who wishes to distribute medical devices in Canada to first have their products approved by the Government authorities at Health Canada. Approval usually hinges on having an ISO13485 approved manufacturing processes as accredited by an auditor that has CAMDICAS certification. […]

AIM Companies Canada is actively seeking qualified medical device manufacturers who wish to market their products in Canada.

Neuro Kinetics, Inc. ( is a fast-growing manufacturer of noninvasive medical test equipment used worldwide by audiologists, neurologists, neuro-otologists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists and other medical specialists in the detection and evaluation of neurological, otological and vestibular disorders. It has appointed leading Canadian medical device distributor AIM Instrumentation & Technologies ( as its sole representative in Canada.