Classroom Sound Field System – New from Phonak!

Amplify Speech with Clarity

For the best possible learning experience children must be able to hear the teacher’s voice clearly in class. Unfortunately this is not always possible. Factors such as classroom noise,distance between teacher and students, and challenging classroom acoustics can make understanding the teacher difficult, even for children with normal hearing.

Eliminate Vocal Strain

In noisy classes a teacher may also have to raise their voice to be clearly heard. This can lead to deterioration in their vocal health and also influences their class management.

New Wireless Technology

These reasons are why soundfield technology was born. A soundfield system consists of a wireless microphone and one or more loudspeakers which amplify the teacher’s voice around the class. As a result, students hear and understand the teacher’s directions more easily, which in turn leads to improved student performance and a happier, stronger voiced teacher.

Benefits for children

Improved sentence recognition ability

Increased attention, interaction and participation

Quicker acquisition of reading, writing and numeracy skills

Easier deciphering of language in early learning years

Better understanding of teacher for non-native speakers

Expanded seating options for students with attention deficit issues

Benefits for teachers

Reduced vocal strain and fatigue

Aids class instruction and management

Fewer discipline problems through improved voice-control of students

Less stress

Improved in-class mobility

One easy-to-use system suited to normal hearing and hearing-impaired students

Easy to use

Dynamic SoundField by Phonak ushers in a new era in classroom amplification. This mobile and future-proof system offers industry-leading sound performance, fully automated and optimized settings, and hassle-free integration with Phonak’s FM systems for hearing impaired children. Just plug it in, turn on and teach!

Otovation M2 Audiometer now available in Canada!

Audiometer – New to Canada!

Miniature audiometer, the Otovation M2

OTOPod M2Audiometer

This audiometer model builds on the innovative design of our M1, and adds hearing instrument programming for Widex hearing aids. The wireless operation and unique form make it easy and convenient for both the hearing aid dispenser and the patient.

The M2 can be operated within NOAH to provide a complete diagnostic testing and fitting process for the following Widex hearing aid families: Passion 440, mind 440, mind 330, Passion 115, Passion 110, Passion 105, Inteo, AIKIA, Flash, REAL, Senso, Bravo, and Bravissimo.

Now Available in Canada!

Otovation Announces Release of Symphony® 1.3

Otovation Announces Release of Symphony® 1.3

King of Prussia, PA – November 1, 2010 — Otovation, a leading provider of innovative diagnostic products for the hearing care industry, is pleased to announce the release of version 1.3 of its Symphony software. Symphony is a robust and full-featured software suite distributed with the company’s Amplitude T-Series and OTOPod audiometers.

Otovation releases new software for their audiometer

Symphony 1.3 adds significant new features:

including various enhancements for speech testing. Following is a recap of some of the features in the new version for both Symphony and Symphony NOAH Module software:

  • Increased maximum output levels for tone and speech testing
  • Supports 1 dB and 2 dB step levels for pure tone and speech testing
  • Supports both speech graph and table data formats
  • Supports phoneme and keyword scoring as well as whole word
  • Supports up to 9 WRS scores
  • Provides the ability to plot WRS and SRT curves
  • Provides the ability to define and display multiple speech norm curves
  • Displays individual word lists and corresponding scores
  • Additional report customization to support regional preferences
  • Ability to copy prior test results to a new test session
  • Output reports to PDF format for subsequent input to EMR and other systems
  • Improved calibration reminders

Dave Davis, founder and President of Otovation commented, “We’ve worked hard to implement a variety of new features in Symphony, and have added significant new capabilities to speech testing, results reporting, and in a number of other areas. We’ve also focused on making Symphony even easier to use and faster and more efficient for our customers. This new version of Symphony is a shining example of how we listen to our customers and always endeavor to meet their needs.”

The new version of Symphony and Symphony NOAH Module software is now available, and is included with all new OTOPod and Amplitude T-Series audiometers.

Contact AIM Technologies for more information on acquiring and upgrading to Symphony 1.3. or call us toll-free in the USA at 1-800-444-9386 for information on how to purchase Otovation products.