AIM staff working with Rotary Youth Project for the Deaf in Bali

Trades Training Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth

Bali, Indonesia – a Rotary Project

Staff at AIM are proud to support a Rotary Project to construct a Trades Training Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth in Bali, Indonesia.

Nick Liem, Vikki MacKay, and Jim Renshaw are all active members of Rotary and extensively involved in a number of programs for Hearing Impaired Children in Bali.  Currently they are supporting fundraising efforts by the Rotary Club of Lions Gate North Vancouver, and The Rotary Club of Burnaby in their efforts to raise funds for this worthwhile project.

Vikki MacKay with Catur children
Rotarian Vikki with children from Catur

About the Project:

The Concept:

The concept of this project is to create a learning and apprenticeship environment that will enable the young deaf and hearing impaired  adults to gain a variety of trade and life skills.

This is envisioned to begin at the Secondary School level where projects can be cooperatively initiated with the SLBB Schools for the Deaf that will see the development of vocational training courses for the students. Projects may include teacher training components, equipment supplies, literature, or other relevant items. Students taking these courses will be exposed to a variety of

Nick at the pig farm
Rotarian Nick at the pig farm

vocational experiences that will assist them in choosing a path once they enter the Trades Training School.

A Trades Training School will also be constructed, operated and managed by the non-profit agency, Yayasan Corti. Concurrently, Yayasan Corti will establish an organic farming component, initially focusing on a pig farm development to raise funds for Corti’s for daily operations. In this way the school will become self-sustaining.

The farm will provide both an active training ground for the practice of the skills gained, and also a means of earning the income that will make the operation fully independent and sustainable. The skills the students learn will be professionally taught and the knowledge they gain will give them employable skills so that they may lead independent and productive lives where ever they choose to live.

This is a project supported by the Humanitarian organization of Rotary.

Please Join This Wonderful Rotary International Project!

For more information contact:

Elizabeth Chong                                    or                         Vikki MacKay

Rotary Club of Lions Gate                                                Rotary Club of Burnaby

North Vancouver,  B.C.                                                     Burnaby, B.C.

Canada                                                                                      Canada                                       




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